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Welcome to French Alps Sports & Tourism

FAST is a passion-driven company. We love our mountains, we love sports and we are very proud to share our passion with athletes, ski fans and friends. Les Saisies Resort (Savoie, France), at an altitude of 1650m above sea level, is the perfect training ground for all summer and winter sports. A friendly and charming French village built in such a way that highlights the breath-taking environment and views of the Mont Blanc. Les Saisies Resort offers endless possibilities of sports or activities for athletes and families of all ages.

Les Saisies Resort and the FAST team make sure that for whatever vacation you would like to have, you will be at the right place with the right people! All FAST team members and partners are highly qualified ski or cycling instructors with French National diplomas.

In partnership with Les Saisies Resort, the FAST team will make sure that for whatever activity you would like to practice, you are at the right place with the right people.

As our clients all around the world became more curious about South Africa, we started South African tours in 2017.  In partnership with Ecolife Expeditions, we offer some incredible triathlon, road cycling and mountain bike tours – allowing sport fans to discover wildlife and enjoying their passion for sport!


Les Saisies Resort is a charming French village with breathtaking views in the French Alps.  As it was an Olympic site for the 1992 Albertville Games, winter sports such as alpine ski, nordic ski, snowboarding and many more can be enjoyed at Les Saisies, all with panoramic views of the Mont Blanc.


Come and explore the prestigious French Alps and villages with loads of events and activities to choose from, including MTB, road bike, enduro’s, triathlons and golf. We also offer packages where you can enjoy watching the Tour De France on some of the iconic climbs in the Alps.



Explore the beauty of South Africa on a mountain or road bike, during triathlons. We offer tailor-made sports and ecotourism packages available from October to March

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