FAST team also growing with ex profesional Cyclist Jean-Lou PAIANI

FAST team also growing on the french side, as good cyclists may have specials requirements for better performance , we have now added to our services the possibility to prepare and race with an Ex profesionnel Cyclist Jean- Lou PAIANI .

Jean- Lou hasis a child from the French alps and has ridden all the most difficult climbs in the region, he also has great experience when it come to race and can prepare and take you to any races  from Paris- Roubaix, Gran fondo Mont Ventoux, Tour du Leman, Time Megeve Mont Blanc  and even ssome MTB races , like MB race , Diamant VTT, Transmaurienne…Pics roubaix

Check on our events calendar  for the races and we can organize with Jean Lou , for preparation and races.

Jean –Lou can adapt to any group level that are willing to work hard in the mountain and we even saw him last summer with some of FAST and TUKS triathletes around Annecy lake .

Jean- Lou will be the ideal guide, coach for group riders who want to enjoy riding in a team social or competitive.  Check our packages on